Welcome to SBM
Life Science LTD
UK & Ireland

Dear Partner,

I would like to welcome you to our new gardening company.

Following the finalisation of the acquisition of the Bayer Garden business back in October 2016, the new SBM team here in the UK has been working very hard to set up our new company. We have not only been busy trying to help ensure a seamless transfer of business from Bayer Garden to SBM Life Science Limited, but of equal importance, we have spent a great deal of time talking to our valued customers and business partners, gathering the feedback we need to build our new business in a way that will excite and strongly meet both the current and future changing needs of the market.

This approach reflects a key principle that will underpin our new company, namely our commitment to work very closely with our partners in a real partnership for growth strategy, to jointly develop innovative plans that will hopefully meet and shape the future.

Every member of the SBM team here in the UK is very excited to be on our new journey to build up our new business, and is motivated by the aspiration of making the company a true global leader in home and garden solutions.

This simple company “update” website aims to provide you with a little more insight into our new organisation’s scale, knowhow and ambitions.

In the UK we have already started the first steps towards realising that ambition by strengthening and increasing our organisation to prepare us for an expanding future. You should begin to see the first signs of this plan starting to roll out through course of 2017.


I look forward to having the opportunity to discuss our new company with as many of our partners as I can over the coming months. In the meantime, if you do have any questions, comments or suggestion please let your SBM representatives or agents know, we would love to hear from you.


Here’s to bringing a positive new force into the UK and Irish gardening business.

Darren Brown, Country Head, UK and Ireland

Who Are We?

An entrepreneurial company
dedicated to providing efficient
and responsible gardening
solutions to meet our customers'
needs and expectations.


Years dedicated to
our customers








Wide variety of loam, amendment
and mulch products


Growing product range, including lawn,
garden and universal fertilizers


Broad range of both synthetics and naturals
insecticides, fungicides and disease
protection products


Global range of both synthetics and naturals
of rat poison, ant killer, household
insecticides, repellents

Our Ambition

...Become a worldwide leader
for Home & Garden solutions,
by combining the expertise
of Bayer Garden and SBM, to
offer an innovative portfolio
that will meet evolving
expectations of our

Jean-Paul Simmler, SBM Group CEO

Our Know How

Innovation and

Our aim is to find eco-friendly solutions,
which are both effective and protective of nature, in response to rising consumer expectations and long-term environmental challenges.

Marketing and

We have a strong knowledge of our environment, based on market research, consumer profiles and purchase behaviours studies. We distribute our products in three markets – Agriculture, Home & Garden and Aromatherapy


From a manufacturing point of view, formulation consists of a variety of operations: mixing, dissolution, grinding, extrusion, association of active substances with co-formulants. We always aim at optimising biological efficiency; stabilising products to allow storage during several campaigns of use and making easy to use products under optimal conditions of safety and respect for the environment


Registration includes a large part of the intellectual property. A close relationship with the innovation and development team allows us to obtain from the authorities the necessary authorizations to place products on the market.



General Contacts

Scott Williams
National Salesforce
Channel Manager
07917 031697
Consumer Advice Line
0845 345 4100
Customer Service Line
01223 563 114


Sales Agency Contacts

Sales Office: 01698 426968
Stuart Denholm: 07970 907578
Mike Dodd: 07921 030123
Kevin Reilly: 07557 644135
Sheryl Reilly: 07500 420865
Stephen Compton: 07730 403802

Andy Reffold: 07773 941320

Mark Rogers: 07794 862943

Cheryl Caulder: 07866 763280
Chris Newland: 07861 261911

Matt Fevin: 07879 887797
Luke Dawson: 07557 511704